Meet the LoanDriver 

Lance Dammeyer grew up in a small farming town in Northwest Ohio.  His father a patent-holding engineer & part-time farmer and his mother a renowned wild-life artist.  Although Lance loved his family and hometown, he had a strong desire to see the world.

At the age of 17, Lance enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF).  The day after he graduated from high school, Lance was off to boot camp.  He proudly served the next 24 years in the USAF and the Ohio Air National Guard spending the latter 20 years as a F-16 crew chief with 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio.

lance and jet 96

Through serving in the USAF Lance travelled the world and was fortunate to spend time in Germany, England, Turkey, and many other countries representing the interest of the United States of America and the host countries.  He participated in nearly every conflict and campaign between 1988 and 2012.


While serving with the 180th Fighter Wing Lance also attended and graduated from the University of Toledo and shortly afterwards moved to Tennessee to attended graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University in 1996.  Lance decided to make Franklin, Tennessee his home after meeting his wife, Jennifer.  Lance and Jennifer have been married 15 years and are blessed with 3 children; Olivia, Ava and Ethan and live in Franklin, Tennessee.

Although he retired from the Air National Guard in 2013 Lance was not ready to stop turning a wrench or give up traveling.  He now enjoys those things via a Vintage 1961 GM Tour Bus (the original Miss Budweiser).  His children refer to the bus as Effie, but his clients know her as the LoanBus. You can often find Lance onboard the bus entertaining his clients, realtors, and referral sources through what many call the ‘LoanBus Experience’.

bus farm

Shortly after marrying Lance began his now 18 year career in the mortgage business and has enjoyed a very successful career, often being nationally ranked in the companies he has been fortunate to work for. Lance keeps living his dreams and strives to help others fulfill theirs.

He firmly believes that his business is not about a transaction, but a connection created by a unique experience.


Lance Dammeyer…husband, father, son, veteran, mechanic, world-traveler

Your LoanDriver.


Contact Information

Mobile: 615-498-2858
NMLS #: 546225

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