WCAR & MTAR Coat Drive a success!


Throughout the month of December the LoanBus was busy with Human Mortgage partner Katie Caldwell working with our fellow Realtors and business partners to help champion and assist an incredible organization.

Together Katie and The LoanBus Team worked with The Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors (MTAR) and The Williamson County Association of Realtors (WCAR) to collect coats to donate to an incredible Middle Tennessee Charity: Last Call for Grace.


What started as a friendly competition between Realtor Associations vying to see who could collect more coats, suddenly became much more than anyone expected. Real Estate Companies, Brokers, and Affiliates stepped in from all over the Middle Tennessee communities that MTAR and WCAR serve and asked how they could help.  Each week a call came in : “We are gonna need more boxes over here, or come and empty this one because it is full again!”

It didn’t stop there. People brought coats from everywhere. The realtors stopped by our office and dropped of coats. Business and referral partners stopped in, unexpected, with so many coats. The outpouring of help and assistance for the benefit of others in our communities was simply AMAZING !


By the time it was all over, we had collected over 1000 coats and delivered them to Last Call for Grace at their Murfreesboro location. While we were there we were given a tour of the facilities and learned exactly how the coats would help the direct, and indirect victims, that Last Call for Grace so diligently works to protect.

last call

Please take a moment to learn more about Last Call for Grace below

Special Thanks to the following for stepping UP & BEYOND:

MidState Title – Coldwell Banker Barnes – Parks on Main- Parks Brentwood

Crye-Leike Realtors – Reliant Realty – Parks Smyrna –

Red Realty – National MI – WCAR YPN – Lawyers Land & Title







Joining & participating in RPAC is an important action-item for me in FY2018

Murfreesboro, TN (January 17, 2018) — The National Association of Realtors® has announced that Lance Dammeyer, a Loan Originator with First Community Mortgage, from Brentwood, TN, has become a “Sterling R Major” investor in the Realtors® Political Action Committee. RPAC is a national bipartisan grassroots-based political advocacy organization that works to protect the real estate industry and the dream of homeownership for Middle Tennessee residents and across the country.

This will be Lance’s first year as an RPAC investor. He has been a member Williamson County Association of Realtors® (WCAR) for three years. Lance graduated from the University of Toledo and attended Graduate School at MTSU. He has been in Middle Tennessee for 22 years. He has been a part of Williamson County for 18 years, where he resides with his wife and 3 children. He is an elected trustee of the Realtor® Good Works Foundation with WCAR and volunteers on the WCAR Member Services Committee.

  • “I support RPAC because being an active participant and voice as an affiliate is important to my local Realtor® Association – the progression and stability of our joint industries are codependent; therefore, I am 100% committed to assisting where needed,” said Dammeyer.

Since 1969, RPAC has promoted the election of pro-real estate candidate across the United States. The purpose of RPAC is to elect officials who understand and support the interests of real estate professionals and their home buying, selling, and investing clients. RPAC uses its resources to seek to elect candidates that understand and support real estate, and to develop public policies that allow consumers to own homes and build their communities through commercial investment. Lance’s investment will be applied to supporting homeownership, commercial real estate transactions, and the very future of the real estate industry.

RealtorParty-Logo (1)

Current Realtor® priorities include working to preserve the Mortgage Interest Deduction and preventing the use of guarantee fees charged on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac-backed loans to fund non-housing programs, which serves as a tax on consumers and prevents more qualified borrowers from becoming actual homeowners.
The National Association of Realtors®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing 1.2 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries.

Founded in 2002, First Community Mortgage is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Community Bank (TN) with operations centers in Murfreesboro, Louisville, Columbus, and Kansas City. First Community Mortgage is a FNMA, FHLMC, and GNMA seller/servicer and offers mortgage solutions to consumers and financial institutions. With mortgage volume of $2.1 billion in 2016, First Community Mortgage was ranked the #1 lender for new construction homes for the past five years as published by Metrostudy and #6 for 2014 in the Nashville Business Journal’s Book of Lists.

Meet the LoanDriver 

Lance Dammeyer grew up in a small farming town in Northwest Ohio.  His father a patent-holding engineer & part-time farmer and his mother a renowned wild-life artist.  Although Lance loved his family and hometown, he had a strong desire to see the world.

At the age of 17, Lance enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF).  The day after he graduated from high school, Lance was off to boot camp.  He proudly served the next 24 years in the USAF and the Ohio Air National Guard spending the latter 20 years as a F-16 crew chief with 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio.

lance and jet 96

Through serving in the USAF Lance travelled the world and was fortunate to spend time in Germany, England, Turkey, and many other countries representing the interest of the United States of America and the host countries.  He participated in nearly every conflict and campaign between 1988 and 2012.


While serving with the 180th Fighter Wing Lance also attended and graduated from the University of Toledo and shortly afterwards moved to Tennessee to attended graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University in 1996.  Lance decided to make Franklin, Tennessee his home after meeting his wife, Jennifer.  Lance and Jennifer have been married 15 years and are blessed with 3 children; Olivia, Ava and Ethan and live in Franklin, Tennessee.

Although he retired from the Air National Guard in 2013 Lance was not ready to stop turning a wrench or give up traveling.  He now enjoys those things via a Vintage 1961 GM Tour Bus (the original Miss Budweiser).  His children refer to the bus as Effie, but his clients know her as the LoanBus. You can often find Lance onboard the bus entertaining his clients, realtors, and referral sources through what many call the ‘LoanBus Experience’.

bus farm

Shortly after marrying Lance began his now 18 year career in the mortgage business and has enjoyed a very successful career, often being nationally ranked in the companies he has been fortunate to work for. Lance keeps living his dreams and strives to help others fulfill theirs.

He firmly believes that his business is not about a transaction, but a connection created by a unique experience.


Lance Dammeyer…husband, father, son, veteran, mechanic, world-traveler

Your LoanDriver.


Contact Information

Mobile: 615-498-2858
NMLS #: 546225

Office Address


One inch at a time….

Overcoming adversity is something that can be extremely challenging and something that faces all of us in one way or another. Rising above the challenge and putting it behind you can be one of the most rewarding experiences in our lives – and, sometimes, a scary and dark chapter too.

As many of you know, my daughter Olivia is a triple threat; A Dancer, and Singer, and a Actress/Model. She is a National Dance Champion many times over, sings on one of the current “Trump Make America Great Again”commercials, and can be found in print or on TV – most recently in an ad for The Gaylord Opryland Resort.


Olivia has always been outgoing – if you have met me you know exactly where that comes from. She has never been afraid to jump into the middle of a situation and introduce herself to everyone there. In fact, for many years we have called her “The Mayor” because she know everyone, it seems, who comes within a 50 foot circle of her. Just ask one of a dozen country stars here in Nashville – from Little Big Town to Brad Paisley to Manuel to her favorite Bryan below….

luke bryan

Her most glowing attribute is her big heart – she is always the first to jump forward to help someone in need, or to assist a person or child with special-needs. Her compassion for others is extremely special and I know she will do great things for our community, and beyond, in the future.

Olivia has been a Dancer for nearly 10 years – starting at a local dance studio and moving up through several disciplines that included; Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Hip Hop. For some reason or another Hip Hop is what she has been drawn to and is extremely talented in performing. (if some of you know me from the late 80’s and early 90’s you are welcome to leave comments below).Her Hip Hop routines and skills are nothing less than amazing & breathtaking. So, while working with some of Nashville & America’s top choreographers, she soon became ‘show-center’ in routine after routine and helped her teams to pull in many 1st Place awards in local, Regional, and National competitions.


What is important to note is that although Olivia was extremely talented and had mastered all of the complicated routines, she was smaller in stature than many of the girls her age – much smaller. We had met with her doctor and this became a topic of conversation when she was 10 year old as it seemed she had stopped growing all together. The doctors assured us not worry and that sometimes children went through this ‘growth stall’ many times catching up later in their teens.

Well, for Olivia, it did stall. And, although she was extremely talented, the reality of modern culture stepped in – the teasing and comments began and her self-confidence took a direct hit. By the fall of 2014 she reached her breaking point and ran-off the stage of an exhibition performance…..and never returned.

This was unlike anything I had ever seen from Olivia. As the days and weeks went on it became evident that there was something was extremely wrong. We were stunned – our triple threat, the one who sought the limelight and always stepped up to a challenge, was completely over and done with competitive dance – in fact, with any dance at all.

dance picture

It just happens to be that Olivia entered Middle School in that same time-frame.

We quickly learned that Middle School is a beast in itself – a new experience for ALL involved. “The Mayor” was now thrust into the new environment of a much bigger and diverse school. The size differential between her and the other 6th graders quickly became an issue and it boiled over into our home.

The facts are simple – some kids are mean spirited and social media gives those children a channel to distribute their teasing and ridicule. By Christmas of that year it was a chore to even get Olivia to go to school – in fact, sometimes she wouldn’t go – or if she did, we ended up having to go and get her mid-day.

It was an extremely tough time. I was worried for the future of my daughter – she had quit the very things she loved so much and was now almost an introvert – 180 degrees from what she had been for nearly 11 years.

The good news:

Olivia kept putting one foot in from of the other. Together, her mother and I encouraged and supported her daily – we hugged her, we talked to her, we read the bible together, and we stood beside her. The Williamson County School (WCS) helped too – you see, this isn’t an isolated thing we learned – many other children (and by many, I mean a LOT) are going through the same thing. WCS had counselors and teachers who wanted to help Olivia through this…..and she DID make it through.


Last year Olivia started taking one-off classes & clinics at different dance schools and academy’s around Middle Tennessee.  Then she joined the Middle School dance team. Once evening, while working late, I received a call from a business partner. It went like this;

  • Friend: ” Hey, is your daughter Olivia on the Middle School Dance Team
  • Me: ” Yes, she is, why? “
  • Friend: ” I kind of thought it was her. My son plays on the JV team and I am here for every game. Each week more and more people have been staying through the half time to watch the Dance Team and now this week the basketball teams are staying on the floor to watch the performance…even the visiting team. Olivia is front and center and she is putting on a show if you know what I mean… WOW “

dance team

And then it began – the comeback.

A few weeks ago Olivia returned to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in downtown Nashville and put down one of her best performance…EVER….! Pictures and video were strictly prohibited, but below is a picture of her before the performance – you can see the confidence in her face and body language.


The Mayor is back – in fact, she has now become an up and coming internet phenom. With over 1 million likes on her featured dance videos she is now being approached all around Nashville by random boys and girls wanting her autograph and selfies with her. Olivia handles it so well, always taking the time to make time and be kind.


I’m about as proud as a dad can be and even prouder to have shared her story with you !


And, for the record, GOD helped too.

He not only gave her the peace & strength she needed and asked for, but he also threw in a few inches of growth over the past year – 5 to be exact.


A Family Air Force Tradition

The weekend after Memorial Day I had the privilege of presenting my oldest niece with a United States Air Force ROTC Scholarship to St. Louis University at her graduation in Chelsea, Michigan. Although it didn’t hit me when I received the call from her asking me to present this scholarship,  it finally did as we made the 10 hour drive from Tennessee to Michigan for her graduation.

What hit me is that my niece is the 3rd generation of a Dammeyer to serve in the United States Air Force. A tradition that I am extremely proud to share with you – my clients, business partners, friends, and family.

It all started in 1958 when my father, Ned E Dammeyer traveled from a farmhouse in New Bremen, Ohio to Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas to start his Air Force career. He served 4 years and worked in Electronics/Radar as an instructor.

dad usaf

Exactly 30 years later (June of 1988) it was me who travelled that same path from New Bremen, Ohio and joined the USAF and spend the next 24 serving our country; first in Cryptographic Electronics and then the latter 20 as a F-16 Crew Chief. Here’s me and my 1st jet # 0701 in Incirlik, Turkey in the mid 90’s

lance and jet 96

During the Summer of 2009 my daughter and my two nieces visited the 180th Fighter Wing in Toledo, Ohio and spent the day on the flight line with me. They got to be part of a launch and got to ride out in the Follow-Me truck and stand on the side of Runway 7 as the jet they helped launch roared by and soared into the blue. It was amazing and I hope and prayed that maybe, just maybe, that day would have an impact on their lives in one way or another. Camden was the tallest that day….of a gaggle of pink…..


Next in this amazing journey was April 2013 and my retirement from the 180th Fighter Wing OHANG / Air Force. My entire immediate family was there in the hangar as I received my Minuteman. I was so beaming with pride as my oldest niece, Camden, expressed an interest in the planes and I was able to give her an up close and personal tour of my jet – #098 as it was in the hangar for my retirement.

final tour

Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the realization that almost 30 years later (28 actually) my oldest niece was now about to step into the Wild Blue Yonder and start a new chapter in the Dammeyer USAF Tradition.

grad pic

Make us Proud Camden !!!!



Taxes4Realtors really wasn’t taxing at all ;)

Yesterday was the 1st of 24 ‘out-of-the-box’ Realtor Focused classes the LoanDriver & The LoanBus Team has planned for 2016.

The class was very well received by the realtors in attendance and there was a lot of dialogue and questions that took the class to, and beyond, the scheduled 2 hours.


Jason Grubbs and Lisa Peters from Strategic Insurance Group brought their ” A-Game ” and gave the realtors in attendance a lot of information that was welcomed and easy to see would be implemented in their 2015 Tax Returns and 2016 Tax Strategy.

class 2

Taxes4Realtors will be offered again, an encore, on Wednesday, February 17, from 2-4 pm. Please contact The LoanBus Team for more information or to request a private class at your brokerage.